fix frozen and burst pipesWhen a water pipe bursts, it is a big problem and a major annoyance. There are many factors that can cause a water pipe to break. When temperatures are very low during the winter months, especially in Ottawa, pipes that are exposed to the weather often burst. Water pressure that is too high, installation faults, age, and corrosion are other reasons that pipes fail. If not fixed right away, these pipes will rapidly drive up your water bill in addition to vast amounts of water damage inside of your home.

If you choose to repair a pipe yourself, you increase the chances that it will burst again. A professional plumber is definitely required for this type of repair. To ensure that the problem won’t happen again, a great deal of expertise is needed. You’ll save lots of trouble and time when you choose to hire Ottawa Plumbing to handle an often complex job efficiently and quickly.

A patching method that requires removal of the damaged section of the pipe followed by replacing it with a new section that is soldered into place is one way a burst water pipe can be repaired. However, this is a time consuming and expensive way to do it. In addition, the patch might not hold for long. If it broke again, you’d wind with a repeat of the situation. Your best bet is to replace the older, worn pipe buy installing a new water main. This way, you can rest assured that the pipe won’t break again and that it is in good shape.

Step by Step Plumbing Repairs for Frozen and Burst Pipes:

  1. Close the main shut off valve to cut off the water supply to the house.
  2. Go to the water heater and boiler and turn off the electricity or gas to these appliances.
  3. Remove any water remaining in the washing machine, dish washer, or bath tub.
  4. Open the drain faucet on the boiler if you have hot water in it and let it flow out and into the drain in the floor. The radiator valves should be opened next. As the water drains from the radiator, go to the top floor and remove an air vent from a radiator located there. As water drains int the boiler, it will be replaced by air.
  5. Starting at the top floor, flush every toilet and open both the cold and the hot faucets in sinks, showers, and tubs. Don’t forget to open the faucets outside of the house.
  6. If you have any water treatment equipment, open the drain equipment. Do the same on the water heater.
  7. The last step to drain all water from the house is done on the main supply line. Open that drain faucet to release any remaining water within the pipes.
  8. These steps eliminate the potential for additional water damage. After you have secured your home, it is time to contact a plumbing company to get your pipes properly repaired.

We will work with you to protect your home and stop the problem in its tracts if your pipes burst.

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