sewer line repairTree roots are one of the common causes of sewer line problems. Yes, those trees are the source of beauty for your yard but also the cause of trouble for your sewer lines. Tree roots spread out in the ground seeking moisture and can end up getting to the sewer pipe if that is a source of enough moisture. If the moisture is high, the roots can also make their way into the pipes expanding the cracks causing more leaks or breakage, which need significant repairs. The good news is the repairs, and any replacements, can be done without turning your yard upside-down.

One method you can use to repair the damage is digging a hole where the broken section of the sewer pipe is, and this will need a method called a pipe lining. The pipe liner is like a flexible tube coated with a resin that is inserted into the sewer pipe. Then the pipe liner is inflated, and the resin is allowed to harden over a period of several hours creating a new artificial pipe within a few hours.


Alternatively, the repairs can be done using a method known as pipe bursting. This process will require you to dig two holes that will give you access to the sewer pipe. The holes are dug laterally along the position of the pipe then the replacement pipe is pulled through the damaged pipe. The process will fracture the damaged pipe on the outside.

The above repair methods for you sewer pipes can offer durable solutions that can last close to 50 years. Sewer line repairs can help you save money and preserve the beauty of your yard. Conversely, conventional methods of repairs sewer pipes demand digging of trenches in the yard to replace the entire pipe, which can be quite costly. If you are looking for quality repairs for your sewer pipes that will not cost you much, then get in touch with Ottawa Plumbing.

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