drain cleaning servicesIf you want an array of services related to drains, your one stop destination should be Ottawa Plumbing. We offer unclogging and cleaning of all drain pipes including the main line drains. We can also unclog your toilet. You need not be worried about your blockage location of your drains. Our professional technicians will be able to trace the location and they use highly specialized methods and equipment to unclog the drain pipe.

The technicians we have possess main line machines to cut through thick blockages in the main drainage line. In most cases, the main drain line gets clogged with time because of the root from trees nearby. Some minor cracks in the seams and pipes where the main line sections connect might leak some little water that attracts the roots towards the drain. With time, the roots finally penetrate into the drain pipe’s interior. The roots will trap the debris originating from the house and create a huge clog. In other cases, the roots themselves might just be too big to be the cause of the clogging.

Our company also has small to medium sized coil tools for unclogging kitchen drains, washing machine or shower drains and bathroom sinks. Our technicians will unclog your drain from the available clean-out. Alternatively, the drains can be unclogged from the pipes, rooftop vents or from a direct drain opening. The unclogging method utilized depends on the quality of the results. Our technicians can also utilize a special water pressure method to clear up soft blockages that persistently clog even after the use of standard methods to clear them.

We offer a 24/7 drain service, whichever day of the week. Additionally, our company and its professional technicians are insured, bonded and licensed. We are readily willing to assist at whichever moment you call and chances are high that we will pay you a visit the very same day you give us a call.

We also deal with the servicing of commercial drain problems so if you have a clogged drain affecting your business, give us a call immediately and we shall restore your business to its usual operations.

Are you looking for drain cleaning services in Ottawa, Kanata, Barrhaven, Orleans, or surrounding areas? Contact Ottawa Plumbing at (613) 693-0077 for immediate service today.