About Us

For over 15 Years, Ottawa Plumbing has worked hard to build a reputable business in the Ottawa area and we’re confident about the level of service we provide. We are proud that we have raised the bar when it comes to providing plumbing and drainage services in Ottawa. We are proud that we are highly regarded, through our dedicated team of professional plumbers and drainage technicians.

certified professional plumbersOur services are unique and we understand the needs of our clients when it comes to solving their plumbing problems. Below is how we work, to ensure customer satisfaction:

  • All Of Our Plumbers Are Full-Time Technicians And Receive Salaries Like Any Other Employee: This means that we do not operate by commissions. Because of this reason, our technicians do not have to worry about achieving the goal of trying to up-sell our customers; hence our clients do not have to deal with unpleasant situations that are associated with freelancing or commission – based employment.
  • Our Mission: Our primary objective is not only to ensure that you are satisfied, but that you are also educated on how to maintain your plumbing. We ensure that our technicians are on time with what we call “Mobile Warehouses.” These are our trucks that are loaded with all the tools, fixtures and pieces needed for repairs. The main aim is to complete the job on the spot. Unless there is an enormous problem, which is quite unusual, that requires a second visit.
  • Plumber Cleanliness Policy: When our technicians come to offer our services, there are little slippers they wear over their shoes when they are working inside your home. When they leave, they ensure your home is as clean as they found it.

To be satisfied with our work, we ensure and guarantee the work you need to be done will be done in a professional manner. Ottawa Plumbing is the company you need for all your plumbing problems. There isn’t a plumbing problem we can’t fix!

We are not only business oriented, but also dedicated members of the community. We donate our time and money to charity organizations like the Children’s Wish Foundation. Giving to children in need is part of our nature and we are grateful that we have been able to support the cause for several years now.

No matter what the problem or issue is, our main priority is to treat our customers with dignity and respect. We take pride in fully informing our clients about the solution and we always offer cost effective solutions so the homeowner has a choice. We work hard to earn YOUR trust.